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As per the requirements of the particular project, daily/alternate-days/weekly meetings are scheduled over Phone calls, or GoTo Meeting. We provide clients with comprehensive access of our project management application, to ensure that they can acquire exhaustive information regarding project development whenever they wish to. One-hour overlap with respect to the particular time zone of the client is offered to ensure seamless communication. During this period, the clients are encouraged to interact with major resources or the entire team engaged in the project, as per their requirements.
Allocation of resources is strictly influenced by the scale of the project. For projects of smaller scales, we normally assign a team of two dedicated Developers, and one Tester along with a part-time UI Designer, Business Analyst, Technical Architect, and/or Project Manager. We are flexible to increase our resource allocation as per the needs of the project or the client.
We cannot really provide you with this information, as our list of resources is quite exhaustive. However, you can be assured that all our team members are experienced and well-trained to complete their assigned tasks in a flawless way. We maintain strict hiring policies and choose people with specialized skill sets, as our employees are our biggest strength.
When you sign a contract with us, we ensure to offer maximum security to your intellectual property in every possible way. Our contracts cover the clause of intellectual property rights and NDA in minute details, and we routinely arrange employee trainings and audits to ensure that the intellectual property rights of our clients are duly preserved.
Writing code comments for every public method is a good practice, but we opt for writing comment only when it is really required to make the code more comprehensible. Codes with the best method names do not necessarily carry a comment, which saves us from over-commenting.
GSS follows a standard procedure in this regard. As soon as a change request is submitted, it is first confirmed by the client, and an impact analysis is performed. We get back to the client with altered deadlines and estimation of charges. Once the approximations are sanctioned, we start employing the modifications at the earliest.
All projects we take up carry the following guarantees: Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential Price guarantee: Minimal Cost for every kind of projects according to the plan of your project. Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end

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